About Protostar: North Texas' Small Business Computer support of choice
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Who we are

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Learn about what makes Protostar the best solution for your business.


Protostar Technology Systems Inc. was started by a group of friends with backgrounds…

from mom and pop IT support to spending decades in Fortune 500 company IT departments that came together to form a different IT consulting company. As time went on, we realized that our day-to-day consulting work had resulted in neglecting our own internal IT systems. Ironically enough, technology experts got too wrapped up in business and making money to take care of their own IT systems, right? We decided to reach out to local IT managed service providers in the North Central Texas region to get help maintaining our systems while we generated revenue. It was astounding to see the quotes we got back for a five man shop, with a handful of servers and network gear. This shock to our system led us to delve into an industry study and uncover some stunning findings. All of these factors came together to encourage the formation of Protostar Technology Systems, Inc. with a goal to make IT managed services affordable and available to businesses of all sizes.





Our Mission

Enterprise Managed Services, Small Business Prices

Too often small businesses are slaves to technology, spending significant time troubleshooting computer issues or repeating tasks that can be easily automated. Technology exists to help alleviate these burdens of small businesses but have historically included in what have been cost prohibitive solution offerings affordable only to larger organizations.  When our initial organization went hunting for a service provider and undertook our own industry study, we found that many organizations are running with incredibly high margins and refusing to sacrifice a few bucks a month to provide an affordable solution for a small business budget. We want to change that practice.

Protostar Systems operates on a simple vision: We want you and your staff to sit down at the office and focus on your customers and growing your business. In the evening you should be able to go home, spend time with your family and friends without worrying about what gremlins may come out to play while you are away. We believe you should be able to find IT support that is not just affordable but also an enterprise quality solution to keep your business secure, increase productivity and encourage growth at the lowest cost.

Let us handle IT. You have enough on your plate. Our all-in-one IT as a Service offering includes best-in-breed security, monitoring, patching, support and much more, all at prices that won’t break the bank.


Our Solution Suite

Complete Peace of Mind. One Price.

    • Hardware

    • Backups and Disaster Recovery

    • Management and Monitoring

    • Security

Managed Services in a nutshell.

Our Managed Service solution is the bread and butter of allowing you to focus on growing your business. The following services are included in our all-in-one offering.


Did you know that 7 out of 10 Small Businesses will experience at least one type of security breach in a given year? From preventing exploitation of software vulnerabilities to social engineering training, we have the tools in our belt to keep your organization safe.


Security patches are famous for breaking things. But not installing security patches is a great way to have your system compromised. That’s why we use a proprietary six step process to validate security patches and software updates BEFORE installing them on your systems.
We managed updates for Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Mac OS and 200+ other software applications such as Adobe Reader and Java. If it’s installed on your system, we have it covered.

Antivirus / Malware

We leverage a four-tier solution to keep your environment safe. We start with providing website filtering to prevent users from visiting malicious sites inadvertently, firewalls and Unified Threat Management devices to protect from direct attacks, to cutting edge heuristic analysis software.

Accountability Reports

We work to build the highest level of trust with our clients, but you need not take our word for it when it comes to security. We provide all of our clients with monthly reports covering the patches we have applied, threats we’ve neutralized and much more.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We provide flexible options allow you store a copy of your data onsite for rapid recovery, your own offsite data center and our offsite cloud servers. Our backups are compliant with today’s most stringent security requires such as SOX, CJIS and HIPAA. Backups are encrypted locally and sent over an encrypted bank-grade SSL connection and then encrypted yet again while at rest on the server.


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